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Nexties is an ICT /Data management company engaged in the provision of top-notch services which entails high-performance infrastructure for innovative solutions, we have a track record of excellent hosting which means getting rid of the problems of security, equipment, air conditioning, electrical consumption and bandwidth.
We have been in partnership with MAHA since 2018, offering complementary skills and know-how to further professional growth and capabilities. Key among these complementary services entails a project in Malawi in 2020 and beyond with the sole aim of crafting innovative technologies.
This has led to a progression in developing manuals, tools and procedures (particularly GIS and training manual for specific services), which will be pursued aggressively in other countries. As a result of this, we have engaged new staff members equipped with the requisite skills and competencies.
Our key objectives for years to come is to continue developing core mapping & analytics competencies and to target businesses that require this service.
MAHA has a track record in mapping and analytics, with expertise in institutional capacity building, and strengthening in-country management in Ghana, thanks to a successful relationship built over the years with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) through two projects funded by GAVI in Geographical Information System (GIS) using state of the art mapping and statistical software.
The Geospatial modelling approach was based on mapping processes and on modelling AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria programs through the bayesian network, to solve public health bottlenecks, to strengthen health systems and more importantly to identify strategic resource allocation decisions.

Building on the experience gained from in-country activities undertaken in Ghana and the need to have an effective « ecosystem » for the management of the Global Fund funded programs and good governance, special attention has been given to mapping and analytical tools which in turn will enable and facilitate interactions which will be a key focus of the entire approach.

Thanks to GAVI funding, it is worth recalling that there is set of new functionalities for EPI Monitoring Map application, which are currently coded according to GHS/EPI team in Ghana to better match their management expectations of immunization programs, and also the Monitoring map application will be embedded into the DHIS system.

The Monitoring map application can thus be easily tailored to Global Fund business model and local expectations in light of available indicators and corresponding dataset available from DHIS, irrespective of the Country.

Overall, MAHA can leverage geolocated data and analytics technology to strengthen performance management and mitigate the bottlenecks, while optimizing selective investment, strengthening accountability and providing regular monitoring on performances.

We achieve this by aiming at linking public health and information technology and developing a Geographical Information System (GIS) based applications and services.

for more information about Nexties partnership with MAHA the Global Funded project with the Ghana Health Services please follow this link

Nexties continues to build strong and long lasting relationships with partners clients all over the globe with our impeccable IT solutions to help various businesses in creating value for their clients. Talk to us NOW!

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